Labour Distribution Reporting just got better

The Mosaic HR Team in UTS has been working with our partners in Budgeting and in Research to gather feedback on how to improve Labour Distribution & Salary Commitments (LDSC) reporting at McMaster. Here is a summary of some of the improvements we have recently launched:

  • Faster Performance: multiple reports can now process at one time, and users are able to select the File Type they actually need (PDF or Excel). Combined, these changes mean shorter wait times to see your results.
  • More Dynamic: Ever wanted to see a single report including all the Funds, Departments, and Programs you have access to? Now you have the ability to do just that, or to specify any subset combination you might need (for Project users, the All Funds and All Departments options will be available, but only one Project can be requested at a time, due to varying Begin and End dates for Project Fiscal years). You will also see full Combo Codes included in the body of the report, for better clarity.
  • Fine Tuned: the LDSC Benefit encumbrances now show the same cut off month as Salary encumbrances. Both the ‘LD – All Programs’ and the ‘LD – All Projects’ queries now include Stipends without associated hours (which were previously missing).

With all of the new options available, users will need to create a new Run Control ID (by clicking the ‘Add’ tab on the Run Control page) to run the updated Labour Distribution & Salary Commitments Report for the first time. Just like before, once a new Run Control ID has been used, the system will remember the current selections for next time.

Helpful Hints on adding a new Run Control ID:

  • Multiple words are allowed within the name, but no spaces are allowed – use an underscore, a dash, or a mixture of Upper and Lower Cases in place of a space
  • If you often need to run the report for more than one combination of values, you are able to create a separate Run Control ID for each combination
  • Name each Run Control ID you create something meaningful to you, making them easier to distinguish between for next time

Questions about your Labour Distribution Report?
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