It’s that time of year again: Snow season. 

That means it’s time for our community to get to know the university’s storm closure policy (officially known as the Storm Emergency Policy).

If a snow day is called, all classes will be cancelled, except for clinical placements in health professional programs which will continue to operate at the direction of the education program. Labs, meetings, and other scheduled events — both in-person and virtual — are cancelled. Anything not defined as essential is closed, including activities scheduled to happen remotely.

If a snow day is called, exams are cancelled and rescheduled, and deadlines for assignments and other submissions are postponed until the same hour on the next academic day.

If there is no specific announcement about McMaster being closed, then the university remains open.

Every effort will be made to confirm a closing by 5:30 a.m. If weather conditions change throughout the day, the University will make an announcement as soon as possible. When a closing has been confirmed, it will be communicated via the Daily News, on the McMaster safety app and on the university’s social media sites.

Faculty, staff and students are responsible for checking Daily News and the University’s main social media channels on stormy days.

The university’s policy applies to all campus locations within Hamilton and Burlington. Other sites will follow the direction of local affiliated universities. Students attending a placement are asked to adhere to the guidance of their placement supervisor or employer.

As snowy and wet conditions start to appear, the community is encouraged to take extra caution to get to where they’re going safely. Stay informed by checking Daily News and the university’s social media channels, wear footwear with proper treads, stay on clear pathways, take short steps, and avoid distractions.

Facility Services crews will be out, bright and early throughout the winter months, to help keep pathways safe and clear. Faculty, staff and students can report icy pavement, unclear pathways or other winter hazards on campus here or by scanning the QR code on the winter safety posters seen across campus.

Let’s work together to stay safe this winter.