It’s bursary season

Applications are now being accepted for McMaster’s Tuition Bursary Program and Tuition Assistance Program for the 2020/21 academic year. The application process has changed for both. Here are the details:

Tuition bursary for dependants/spouses

Dependants/Spouses of full-time employees enrolled in McMaster University undergraduate or graduate programs are eligible for up to $4650.00 for the Fall/Winter 2020/2021 Term, and $155.00/unit for Spring/Summer 2020/2021.

This benefit is for full time employees who have completed at least three years of continuous service with the University and meet the eligibility criteria.

Changes this year:

The application process is now completed within the AwardSpring Module of Mosaic.

The previous paper application form is no longer being accepted. (If you submitted a paper form before August 15, your form has already been processed and there is no need to reapply!)

Only students have access to the AwardSpring platform – an employee can no longer apply on behalf of their dependant.

Note: The External Tuition Bursary Program for Dependants/Spouses (TMG/MUFA only) has a separate application process.

Tuition Assistance Program for Employees

Eligible employees are entitled to Tuition Assistance for courses taken on a part-time basis at McMaster.

Courses must be related to the employee’s current/future employment responsibilities at McMaster or related to career direction outlined in the employee’s development plan. The maximum tuition assistance benefit for 2020/2021 is $3573.18 per employee.

Changes this year:

AwardSpring is now used to submit applications for internal tuition assistance (McMaster undergraduate/graduate degree courses, and McMaster Continuing Education Certificate or Diploma courses). Employees can access AwardSpring through the tile on the homepage of Mosaic.

Note: Tuition Assistance applications for courses at other institutions and McMaster Continuing Education HR Funded Workshops will still use the application form.

This simplified application process is part of an ongoing effort towards continuous improvement and enhanced employee experience.

Additional Information on how to apply for both benefits can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website

Questions about these benefits can be directed to

Questions related to AwardSpring can be directed to Office of the Registrar.