IT system status updates at your fingertips

University Technology Services (UTS) has launched 3 new ways for you to find out systems status and to reduce the number of emails sent to your Inbox.

Accessible from the UTS home page or by direct link the UTS Service Dashboard is a public facing feature that provides the status of McMaster’s UTS supported systems like Mosaic, Hyperion, Telecommunications and Networks.

At a glance status codes are: Green (Available), Yellow (Degraded), Red (Unplanned Outage) and Blue (Planned Maintenance with Potential Performance Impact). The “Summary” tab provides an overview of systems status and upcoming service bulletins. The “All Services” tab provides details for all services and the “Service Bulletins” tab lists all active service bulletins informing of upcoming activity.  

If you are just looking for updates on Mosaic, look for the notices posted for status and upcoming system activity in the Mosaic Alerts section of the Mosaic login page. Using the same colour codes as the UTS Service Dashboard Mosaic users will see current systems status and information about upcoming planned maintenance before logging into the system. After logging in, users may see additional information on the News and Information section on the Home tab.


If you are in the Twitterverse you can follow @mcmasteruts for news and updates related to UTS services and systems.