IT Security Notice: Microsoft 365 phishing alert 

The IT Security team has received reports about malicious attachments being shared via Microsoft 365 applications. As a result, there has been an increase in compromised McMaster accounts.

To protect your account, be on the lookout for unexpected and unsolicited messages with the following attributes: 

  • Subject line similar to “<Name of Colleague> shared a file with you”
  • Include a link to a OneNote notebook named “Review Document” store on the sender’s OneDrive.

The objective of this message is to steal your MacID credentials. Opening the attachment will prompt you to enter your MacID and password, which are then collected by the attackers.

Receive a malicious message? Here’s what to do:

  • If you receive an email such as the one described above, please forward to immediately, preferably as an attachment.
  • Immediately delete the message.

Please note: The IT Security team has enabled measures that will protect members of the McMaster community from these malicious email messages when they are on the network, however the same measures are not available to those that receive the message when they are away from campus.