IT Security Notice: ‘Important Notice’ Phishing Email

The IT Security team has received numerous reports of malicious messages purporting to come from the McMaster IT department. The email address was spoofed, and the message is not from a McMaster account.

Be on the lookout for an email with the following elements:

  • The malicious email has the subject line “Mcmaster IT: Important Notice”
  • The sender is “Mcmaster IT Center <>”
  • The email is signed Mail Support
  • Hovering over the URL reveals that the link is to an external page unrelated to McMaster

This message is very convincing.  If you receive this message, please delete it right away.

If you clicked the link and/or provided your credentials, please change your password immediately or contact the Service Desk for assistance at

Contact McMaster IT Security for more information about this and other internet threats:



Twitter: @McMaster_ITSec (


Telephone: x28299