Human Resources Services Review: Update on progress

Since completion last spring, the HR Review has resulted in the development of many projects and work initiatives to better support the university community.

The HR Review Project team has created a site to track progress and provide an overview of all work that has been completed. The HR Review Implementation site will be updated frequently to provide information on each project and any opportunities to get involved.

The results of the review were presented last summer and consolidated into seven key areas that required immediate improvement to support the university in achieving its mission:

1. Payroll Workflow and Standard Operating Procedures

2. Payroll metrics and reporting

3. Staff Development

4. FHS/HR Service Centre – Responding to Unique Requests

5. Human Resources Functional Organizational Design

6. Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

7. Update Pension and Benefits Plan Design

“The review gave us valuable insight and has really helped focus our efforts. We’re working closely with departments across campus to ensure we’re making process improvements where they’re needed the most,” says Wanda McKenna, McMaster’s Assistant Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer.

The detailed review of Human Resources (HR) functions and services at McMaster began in November of 2018, to evaluate and advise on strengths and opportunities for all HR-related programs and support offered to employees, retirees, leaders, and administrators. The review team consisted of external consultants, as well as internal faculty and staff members to ensure all areas were considered and reviewed subjectively.

Governance has been established, and projects are well underway. Significant work will be completed this summer to optimize the capabilities of Mosaic and provide employees and administrators with access to simple HR tools. This includes a clean up of employee data and replacing frequently used manual forms with a streamlined process. To learn more about the projects, visit the HR Review Implementation Site.