May 25: Hot water maintenance in buildings on campus

Facility Services will be conducting routine hot water flushing in buildings across campus during late May and into the summer.

During the maintenance, the water coming from the hot water taps in the building will be extremely hot (160°F or 71°C). Please do not use the hot water in the building during the maintenance hours as it could cause burning.

A week before a building on campus is scheduled for this maintenance, a notice will be sent to Building Alerts email subscribers. Sign up for Building Alert emails by clicking here.

Signage will also be posted within the buildings where this maintenance is taking place 24 hours before it occurs.

This routine maintenance is required to maintain a safe supply of water when campus is not as highly populated and is being conducted in preparation for the coming academic year.

The first hot water flushing maintenance will occur on Tuesday, May 25 in a number of buildings on campus. More buildings will receive this maintenance in the coming weeks.