Director of Hospitality Services elected as President of CCUFSA

At the recent annual conference of the Canadian College and University Food Service Association (CCUFSA) Chris Roberts, director of Hospitality Services, was elected by his peers as a President Elect of the Association.

CCUFSA, formed in 1978, is a national group comprised of Food Service Directors and Managers from self-operated and contracted schools, as well as Senior Administrators that oversee Food Services as part of their portfolio. The Association works to enhance the quality of campus life through the growth and development of food service operations in Colleges and Universities.

Roberts’s election by his peers is a recognition of the contribution he makes to the industry and of the esteem with which they hold him as a leader and key contributor to the Association and the higher education food service sector.

Roberts has a wealth of experience in both the self-operated and contract-managed higher education marketplace and his insight and guidance will be invaluable to the members. It is anticipated that he will serve as President (2018 – 2019) and then Past President (2019 – 2020).

This is the first time McMaster has had someone elected President in the 25-year history of CCUFSA.

“I am very proud of the direction Chris has taken our Hospitality Department,” said Cathie Tatsis, McMaster Senior Manager of Operations (Retail and Residence Dining).

“He is a true leader and mentor. He inspires, motivates, empowers and is always asking us for our feedback. It’s amazing how much we have accomplished in a couple of years with him leading us.”