Higher education conference: Responding to the challenges of the future

On June 16 and 17, 2021, university leaders from around the world will unite virtually to celebrate the signing of the new Magna Charta Universitatum – MCU 2020 along with an online conference featuring some of the world’s foremost leaders in higher education. This event is free to attend and promises to be an enlightening and thought-provoking assembly that culminates in the historic signing of this important document.

What’s changed in the new Magna Charta?

The original principles of autonomy and independence remain in the new MCU, and it has been expanded to incorporate values and responsibilities that are vital to strengthen the role of universities in the preservation of the planet and in promoting health, prosperity and enlightenment around the world.

“The Magna Charta—the new version—comes at the perfect moment to push universities to reassess their mission in our world,” says Jamil Salmi, one of the keynote speakers at the conference who will be talking about the challenges facing universities today and in the future. Watch the video below to hear more about his presentation.

Universities, their students and graduates make important contributions to the world, and they can’t do it alone. The connections forged through signing and celebrating the MCU 2020 are vital to this work.

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