Google+ “Posterside Hangout” on Monday evening

Allison Sekuler, associate vice-president and dean, Graduate Studies, will be one of the featured guest speakers for tonight’s first ever Posterside Hangout on Google+.

Sekuler, who co-curates the popular ScienceSunday community on Google+, says the Monday hangout is styled as “sort of a worldwide mini-conference.” The online event will feature five poster presentations related to themes in psychology, and will begin at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Presentations include:

“When audition dominates vision: Evidence from cross-modal statistical learning”
+Chris Robinson  (The Ohio State University at Newark)

“Automatic selection of eye tracking variables in visual categorization for adults and infants”
+Samuel Rivera  (The Ohio State University at Columbus)

“Foreign accent does not influence cognitive judgments”
+Andre L. Souza  (Concordia University) and +Art Markman  (The University of Texas at Austin)

“Positive mood may enhance cognitive flexibility: Evidence from category learning”
+Paul Minda  (The University of Western Ontario) and +Ruby Nadler  (The University of Western Ontario)

“The effects of aging on face perception”
+Allison Sekuler   (+McMaster University)