Global Health Symposium to offer students a deep dive on pressing global health issues

This year’s Global Health Symposium will offer students an experiential learning opportunity in which they can explore various pressing global health issues alongside researchers from around the world.

The two-week immersive international learning symposium is Global Health’s capstone project. It highlights the university’s commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the symposium is an example of an innovative international event that is a key part of McMaster University’s priorities.

From April 18th to April 29th, the symposium will bring together 350 students and 37 faculty from McMaster University and its partner institutions in the Netherlands, India, Colombia and Thailand. Taking place virtually across 12 time zones and 23 countries, students will be tuning in from the Netherlands, Canada, Colombia, India, Kenya and Thailand to name a few.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the symposium took place in Karnataka, India at Manipal Academy of Higher Education. Due to the pandemic, for the third year, it will be held online as a unique opportunity for global engagement and internationalization in a multicultural, international and digital learning environment.

Throughout the symposium, students will work in multilingual, transdisciplinary and transcontinental teams on a health system mapping project and present abstracts of their research focusing on the SDGs. The objective is to provide students with an experiential international learning experience, receive feedback from peers and experts on individual research projects, network with fellow students and critically learn about cultural diversity.

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