Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week October 6-12, 2013

Every year, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) drives fire prevention week in order to recognize and refresh an ongoing commitment to fire safety. Through work with the community, as well as awareness campaigns, fire prevention week is a great opportunity to recommit to a fire safe lifestyle. The theme for 2013’s Fire Prevention Week is, “Prevent Kitchen Fires”.

More fires begin in the kitchen than any other room in the home. In fact, residential cooking is one of the leading causes of fire-related deaths. The majority of kitchen fires begin with cooking equipment. Number one on the list of fire sources are stoves.

In case of a grease or pan fire:

  • Turn off the stove. Smother flames with a pot lid or larger pan, if possible. Protect your hand with an oven mitt or wrapped dish towel.
  • Use of an approved portable fire extinguisher only if you are familiar with its safe operation.
  • Never throw water or use flour on a grease fire.
  • In case of an oven fire, close the oven door and turn off the oven.
  • Never touch or attempt to carry a flaming pot. The contents may spill, spread or burn you.
  • If the fire is not brought under control immediately, get you and your family out and call 9-1-1.

The EOHSS resource page for Fire Safety has a variety of resources for fire safety at work, at home, and even some fun activities for your children.

As a reminder, training on fire safety is a requirement for all employees. Registration for fire safety training can be found here: