Fall/winter Venture engineering and science camps

Venture Engineering & Science program now offers fall and winter programming for those science and engineering minded kids in your life!

Our Kidz Clubs and Girls Club programs offer fascinating hands-on curriculum to children in Grades 1-8.

Students will tackle exciting projects that introduce them to engineering principles in each of the three Saturday morning classes in the Fall and Winter sessions.

Check out the following Links:

Kidz Club Fall & Winter 2013-14 –  http://venture.mcmaster.ca/kidz.html

Girls Club Fall & Winter 2013-14 –  http://venture.mcmaster.ca/girls.html

Registration Link:  http://www.eng.mcmaster.ca/ecomm/alumni/clubs/venturekidz

Maybe you know a child who is fascinated by robotics. Then our Robot experience days will be a definite hit!  Kids will build and program robots and will learn about the connection between robot design and programming! These day long classes will be held September 28, 2013 and January 25 2014.

Robot Experience Day (Grades 5-8) – http://venture.mcmaster.ca/robot.html

Registration Link:  http://www.eng.mcmaster.ca/ecomm/alumni/clubs/robot

More information about the curriculum for the fall and winter sessions will be posted on the website.

Space is limited and fills up quickly so register soon!