Faculty of Engineering review highlights successful efforts to recruit diverse students, makes recommendations to strengthen Faculty

An external review of McMaster’s Faculty of Engineering highlights its strong leadership, strengths in research, innovative teaching and efforts to promote inclusivity while making recommendations to further strengthen the Faculty.

The reviewers consulted with many stakeholders, including faculty members, staff, alumni and students covering four key areas: teaching and academic programs; research and scholarly activities; leadership and administration; and resources.

The External Review of the Faculty of Engineering report notes the Faculty’s reputation as a research powerhouse that is well connected to industry and a leader in interdisciplinary teaching and scholarship. Recommendations range from developing reconfigurable teaching spaces and lessening administrative tasks where appropriate, to encouraging entrepreneurship and venture creation.

The reviewers also recommend that the Faculty continue working with the university to support student mental health and requests for accommodations.

The four reviewers are from the University of Toronto, the University of Victoria, the University of British Columbia and McMaster University.

The reviewers called the 93 per cent participation rate in co-op “excellent” and the experiential education “top notch.”

They also highlighted a high level of confidence in the dean and praised the outreach and recruitment from preschool to grade 12 for individuals from diverse backgrounds and women. These efforts have resulted in women making up 43 per cent of first-year students in the current academic year.

Find more information and the full report on the Office of the Provost’s website.