Facility Services adopting Mosaic for maintenance management system

Beginning this fall, Facility Services will have another tool in their work belts: Mosaic Maintenance Management.

Facility Services is moving its Maintenance and Asset Management systems into PeopleSoft at the end of October allowing for tighter integration with the rest of the Mosaic system. As a part of the Finance implementation, the new module will integrate with McMaster’s chartfield strings, provide a new web interface for requesting service, and connect to the general ledger. Service requestors and departmental administrators will easily track the current status of work orders, see work order details and view all associated costs.

“Moving to Maintenance Management is a matter of moving to where our clients are. Integrating with McMaster’s general ledger and project costing will provide our clients with access to information at their convenience,” said Mohamed Attalla, Assistant Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer.

For the 300 members of Facilities Services team, adopting the new system will be a significant shift. Training and support materials are being developed to help those users make a smooth transition.

A multi-disciplinary team from within Facilities Services and other University departments, such as UTS and Financial Affairs, is assisting with the project.