New email security feature launching Dec. 11, 2023  

Starting Dec. 11, McMaster University will introduce Email Quarantine Notifications in Microsoft Outlook for all students, staff and faculty. This feature enhances your email security and protects you against hackers and phishing attempts.

Email quarantine automatically prevents suspicious emails (spam, phishing, or malware) and holds them in a designated Email Quarantine Page for 30 days instead of delivering them to your inbox.

If an email is quarantined, you will receive a summary email from with a link to your quarantine message location. There, you can review and manage your quarantined messages.

Having undergone successful trials within staff groups, this feature is now being extended to the entire campus community. It is being strategically implemented in advance of the holiday season, a time when email phishing typically increases.

After the new feature is put into action, ongoing assessments will be conducted to ensure its effectiveness and address concerns that may arise.

More information and FAQs: Email Quarantine Information Webpage.

For technical support with Email Quarantine, contact UTS.