Draft Guidelines Freedom of Expression, Protest and Dissent

The committee considering issues of freedom of expression and protest on campus has submitted its report to President Patrick Deane.

The President requested the committee to consider how McMaster could best uphold a fundamental commitment to freedom of expression and high-quality academic discourse, while supporting the rights of members of the community to engage in peaceful protest and dissent.

The McMaster community is encouraged to review the report in addition to a set of guidelines for event organizers, participants and protestors that have been prepared in response to the recommendation for a policy on protest. The guidelines are intended to provide assistance to event organizers and participants, as well as those engaging in protest or dissent.

Feedback on both documents is invited.

You can review the report and guidelines here:

Ad Hoc Committee Report

Guidelines for Event Organizers, Participants and Protestors: Freedom of Expression, Protest and Dissent 

Feedback can be provided to univsec@mcmaster.ca prior to March 30, 2018.