Discover Your City Week: Feb. 9-13, 2015

The Student Community Support Network (SCSN) is excited to be bringing back Discover Your City week this year from February 9 – 13, giving you the chance to experience even more of what our incredible city has to offer.

This year, the MSU and SCSN parted with the city of Hamilton in order to bring several new and exciting opportunities that will be running throughout the week. From Monday to Friday, there will be a variety of daily events  designed to enhance the student experience in the City. From ice skating, to art exhibitions, to a Hamilton Bulldogs game, and even a chance to taste some of the best food in Hamilton, Discover Your City Week 2015 features a range of programming that everyone can enjoy. Add to that unique  JUNO related events including the JUNO Photography Exhibit and the JUNO Tour of Canadian Art and there are a number of reasons to get out there and experience all the city has to offer.  For a full list of the week’s events, check out the calendar below.


Many of the events that are running during Discover Your City Week 2015 are staples of the Hamilton experience, and take place on a weekly and even daily basis in the City, meaning that you can continue to enjoy these events long after this week ends.

The MSU and SCSN invite you to join us all week long and take this chance to get to discover the city you call home. For more information about Discover your City Week 2015 and to read more about each event in detail, including bus routes and times, visit the Discover Your City Week homepage, and stay tuned via the SCSN Twitter and Facebook pages.

For more information, please contact:
Josh Patel
Director, Student Community Support Network (SCSN)
905-525-9140 ext. 27618