Discover Psychology Public Lecture Series: ‘The Science of Instructional Design and University 2.0’

Join us for a series of interesting lectures where you will learn about science you can use. Coffee and cookies are served at 2:30 p.m. in the main floor lobby of the Psychology Building. Lecture will take place in PC-155 at 3 p.m. Wine and cheese to follow in the lobby.

Lecture 1:
Joe Kim presents The Science of Instructional Design and University 2.0.

The centuries old tradition of the university is ready for change and educators should pay attention to research on best practice, learning technology and cognitive processes underlying effective learning. Dr. Joe Kim explains how research from the science of instructional design is helping to reboot the university to serve the next generation of learners.

Dr. Joe Kim is actively involved in all aspects of the scholarship of teaching and learning. He co-ordinates the innovative McMaster Introductory Psychology program and directs the Pedagogy and Applied Cognition Lab, which focuses on teaching, learning and technology.