Delay in counting proposal vote ballots

Operations, maintenance and cleaning staff voted on a new contract offer from the University today, but before the votes could be counted the union requested the ballot boxes be sealed. Because of this delay, the outcome of the vote and the wishes of the employees remain unknown. Nearly three-quarters of the membership participated in the voting.

The University will work to have the ballots counted as soon as possible so that employees can have their say.

The University’s offer:

  • Ensures all part-time employees in the unit (casual cleaners) earn in excess of the current Hamilton living wage by October 2015 (all full time members of the unit currently earn in excess of the living wage)
  • Provides the largest increases (approximately 14%) to casual cleaners whose hourly rates are the lowest
  • Maintains the custodian group as the highest paid among those who perform cleaning services
  • Pays all employees a one-time lump sum of $750
  • Increases the shift premiums to all employees by 25% and makes these premiums available to casual cleaners
  • Preserves all current benefits, payments in lieu of benefits,  post-retirement benefits, sick leave, vacation, personal leave, overtime premiums and holidays, as applicable

The University has accepted an invitation from the union to meet again with the provincial mediator. That meeting will take place on Thurs. Aug. 7.

Last week, after normal bargaining, McMaster reached tentative collective agreements with two other unions representing operating engineers and parking staff. Both the University and the unions are recommending ratification.