December month-end approvals deadline extended to Jan. 29

As of noon, Jan. 22, McMaster’s December general ledger is closed for new transactions. Please ensure that all transactions entered after Jan. 22 are dated for January business.

Users will still be able to approve outstanding December transactions until Monday, Jan. 27. Instructions for checking the approval status of transactions are available.

Any December transactions not approved at that time will be stranded and will have to be re-entered. Journal entries that have not been approved for posting will need to be copied into a NEW journal to change the date to January (and the old journal deleted) so they can be picked up in the January close, currently scheduled for Feb. 16.

How to ensure December transactions are posted


Check your Worklist for outstanding approvals on the Mosaic portal at Main Menu > Finance > Worklist. If you have transactions that shouldn’t be approved by you and you know who is the correct approver, add that user as an approver and approve so it will forward to the right destination. If you don’t know who the correct approver should be, please deny the transaction with a comment.


Check to see if your transactions have not been posted and follow up: Detailed instructions for checking vouchers, journal entries and travel and expense reports are available. (Login required)