Campus Store post office closing

May 31, 2013, will be the last official day the Post Office is open. As the Campus Store begins renovations that will include consolidating its two major locations, the Tank and the main store, the full-service postal outlet will be closing and operations will shift to a Canada Post Express model of service delivery as of June 1st, 2013.

The Canada Post Express outlet will feature stamps and Xpress post options for letter delivery but services such as Post Office boxes, registered mail, money orders and parcel shipping will no longer be offered.  Canada Post Express outlets will be located in the main store, Gilmour Hall and in the Health Sciences location, HSC 1G1.

In the past 5 years Canada Post has seen a historic shift in traditional mail as well as a sharp decline in mail volume.  Customers who previously relied on physical mail are now turning to electronic means of sending and receiving correspondence.

Canada Post realizes to remain relevant they will need to make fundamental changes to their business model and as such they are opening up an ongoing dialog with their customers.  Community members who utilize their services are encouraged to log onto and click on “The Future of Canada Post” button to join in the discussion.

Alternate Full-Service Postal Locations

Canada Post has a number of full service Postal Outlets in the Hamilton area including:

991 King Street W
Hamilton ON L8S 1B0
101-101 Osler Drive
Dundas ON L9H 4H0

Please visit the Canada Post website, for a full list of Posta Outlets and online services.