Campus Driver and Pedestrian Safety

McMaster is a walk- and bike-friendly community, and with students beginning the fall term, we must take extra precautions to ensure that roads, walkways, and crosswalks are safe for travel.

No matter your mode of transportation, being aware of your surroundings is key.

The university urges drivers to be vigilant and pay attention to pedestrians and cyclists, particularly during class change.

As a reminder, non-McMaster vehicles should not use central campus roadways, and for areas receiving deliveries, delivery vehicles should avoid parking on roadways and should use the loading docks. Drivers should obey speed limits, avoid distractions — do not use cellphones, please turn down the music, and make eye contact with pedestrians — before proceeding in their vehicle.

When sharing the road, drivers must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, never pass a vehicle stopped for pedestrians, and wait until pedestrians completely clear the intersection.

Pedestrians are encouraged to walk defensively as they are often at risk of the most severe injuries when on the road.

Keep safe by crossing only at marked crosswalks, stick to maintained sidewalks/pathways, be alert to engine noise and backup lights/alarms on vehicles, and be mindful of turning vehicles.

Eliminate distractions such as using a cellphone while walking – heads up and phones down.

Be visible by making eye contact with approaching drivers, walk in well-lit areas, and wear lightly coloured or reflective clothing at night.

Be cautious and use good judgement to help everyone share the road safely.

For more information, or to report a hazardous situation, visit Environmental and Occupational Health Support Services.