B.Tech. recognized at the Wharton – QS Stars Reimagine Education conference

The Bachelor of Technology program submitted an application to the 2014 Wharton – QS Stars Reimagine Education Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

B.Tech. was shortlisted in the “Nurturing Student Employability” category.

The shortlist consisted of 7 other programs from institutions all over the world including North Carolina State University, the University of South Whales and Queensland University of Technology.

There were a similar number of shortlisted candidates in each of the other 7 categories. Being recognized to this extent means B.Tech. was one of approximately 50 out of 427 participants.

The applicant package submitted by the Bachelor of Technology Program, focused on the key strengths of the program that inevitably create employable graduates with both practical, hands-on skills and theoretical knowledge:

  1. Outcome-based curriculum
  2. Focus on experiential learning
  3. Partnership between McMaster University and Mohawk College
  4. Unique, custom built lab equipment
  5. Small cohort (small lecture & lab sizes)
  6. Industry focus of contents
  7. Faculty dedicated to teaching
  8. Labs taught by instructors (not teaching assistants)
  9. Mandatory business courses
  10. Industrial partners
  11. Program advisory committees
  12. Unique laboratories
  13. Faculty from industry
  14. Mandatory 12 months of co-op
  15. International engineering collaboration
  16. Flexible schedules for Degree Completion Program students