Award-winning AllerGen video is nothing to sneeze at

A video produced by AllerGen, a national research network hosted at McMaster, has won a Canadian Institutes of Health Research competition.

The whiteboard-style video focuses on the network’s Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) study, one of the largest birth cohort studies in the world.

The study takes an in-depth look at how genes and the environment impact the development of allergies and other diseases in children.

The video was designed by ImagePropellor Studios and shows how 3,500 children and their families involved in the CHILD study are helping to change Canada’s approach to fighting allergies and asthma.

Based on criteria like “Impact & Relevance,” “Accessibility,” “Innovation & Creativity,” “Video Quality,” and “Reach,” the competition judges awarded the CHILD video an average score of 4.45/5. The video also received the highest number of online votes, comprising 10% of the overall score.

The “IHDCYH Talks” competition is sponsored by the CIHR Institute for Human Development, Child and Youth Health, and recognizes excellence in videos that present evidence-based research to a lay audience and that incorporate a message designed to have a positive impact on the health of children, youth and families.

Check out the award winning video below: