Automatic Zoom upgrades starting week of November 15, 2021

Please allow for enough time to install the updates on your App before starting meetings and lessons

UTS will be releasing the latest version of the Zoom app to all users on the third Thursday of every month starting November 18th, 2021. The next time you log into your Zoom after the scheduled release, you will be prompted to install the updates prior to using the app. Please take this into consideration and give yourself enough time to run the update before starting or joining a meeting or virtual class.

Zoom releases updates and minor fixes for reported bugs on a regular basis and recommends that users stay current with the latest version of the Zoom app to leverage any new functionality and security features. Note: if you open a Zoom link in a browser, no update is necessary.

To learn more about how you can upgrade your Zoom app manually and keep up to date with News, Updates, Frequently Asked Questions, and Learning Opportunities we recommend you bookmark:

For support, please contact UTS or your local IT department.