Archives ALIVE: Little Books of Lovely Verse, Canadian Poetry Chapbooks

On January 16, 2020, join McMaster University Library archivist, Gillian Dunks, as she delves into the delightful world of poetry chapbooks.

In the early era of printing, chapbooks were inexpensively produced, popular pamphlets; in 20th century Canada, publishers used them as an economical way to print poetry. These diminutive books preserve the voices of many emerging and established writers and provide a window into the contested space of Canadian literatures. Explore what genres and perspectives were privileged and how beauty was conceptualized in both design and verse.

This is a free event. Space is limited, please RSVP to guarantee entry


Archives ALIVE is a regular series of talks which explore the Library’s special collections in greater depth. These events focus on particular items, archives, or subject areas to explore the broader themes, events, and stories reflected in our holdings.  Speak with an archivist, ask questions about the collection, and examine unique and irreplaceable material up close.