A Statement from McMaster Association of Part-time Students

A Statement From McMaster Association of Part-time Students – December 21, 2012

The McMaster Association of Part-time Students (MAPS) represents and provides services for McMaster University undergraduate students studying part-time and students earning diplomas and certificates.  MAPS is an independent organization with its own Board of Directors which oversees all aspects of the operation.  The University collects student fees on MAPS’ behalf.

Several months ago concerns were raised about some of MAPS’ spending practices over a period of time including, salaries, expenses and reimbursements, travel and office costs.   The Board reviewed these significant and serious concerns, identified means to ensure it adheres to best business practices and committed itself to an enhanced governance structure for consideration by the membership at its next AGM.

Our focus is to address this situation in order to ensure that we are in the strongest possible position to provide part-time students with the support and resources they expect from MAPS.  The University’s administration has made available a range of resources upon which MAPS can draw to continue to review our financial, accounting and payment processes along with our governance structure.

The process to review these concerns has been underway for many months and is ongoing.  Once completed we look forward to providing our student members with a detailed accounting of our findings and corrective measures that have been or will be undertaken.   We hope to be able to move forward with this part of the process early in the New Year.