A respectful St. Patrick’s Day

Over the past few years students have placed a new emphasis on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. While it has always been a day to have fun and wish each other the “luck of the Irish”, some university communities are experiencing larger-scale outdoor parties and public street gatherings.

At times, the gatherings have grown to a size and scope where public and community safety and security are threatened. In advance of this year’s anticipated events, the University and McMaster Students Union have worked with Hamilton Police and Hamilton City Bylaw to ensure a full safety and patrol plan is in place.

“St. Patrick’s Day is another opportunity for students to celebrate and socialize. Our hope and expectation is that these celebrations will be done safely and will be respectful of the community, the neighbourhood and of each other,” says Sean Van Koughnett, Dean of Students.

The plan for St. Patrick’s Day starts with additional University-funded police officers on duty Thursday, March 15th and continues through the weekend.

St. Patrick’s Day Safety Plan

Thurs. March 15

Additional patrol officers and bylaw enforcement

Fri. March 16

Additional patrol officers, bylaw enforcement and University funded patrols, Neighbourhood RIDE Spot Checks

Sat. March 17 – Sun. March 18

  • A dedicated Hamilton Police dispatcher for Ainslie Wood/Westdale for calls for service to neighbourhood
  • University-funded Hamilton police patrol officers on duty (six additional officers)
  • Six Hamilton Bylaw enforcement officers
  • Three Hamilton Police ACTION teams
  • Two beat patrol officers
  • Three Hamilton Police HEAT officers
  • Mounted patrols on horseback
  • Neighbourhood RIDE Spot Checks
  • Two Public order teams
  • Two Hamilton Police Crime Managers