2017 Student tax receipts – available on Mosaic February 28, 2018

All 2017 tax receipts for students (T4A, T2202A, and Engineering Donor Receipts) will be available in Mosaic on February 28, 2018.

To view or print your receipt(s):

  1. Ensure all pop-up blockers are removed.
  2. Sign in to Mosaic
  3. Select the Student Centre Tile
  4. Go to the Finances section
  5. From the ‘Other Financial’ drop down list, select View/Print Tax Forms
  6. Click ‘Go’
  7. Choose the form you want to view/print
  8. Select 2017 from the Calendar year drop down list.

Note: Once 2017 forms are available, you will be able to see and select 2017 from the list.