Workplace and Employee Experience Committee reconvenes for winter term

Photo of University Hall, an older building on a university campus with two archways. A winter scene, with snow on the ground.

McMaster University’s Workplace and Employee Experience Committee has reconvened to develop initiatives that foster a positive experience for all those who work at McMaster University and contribute to its success.

The committee includes representatives from human resources, administrative leaders within faculties and administrative departments, and academic leaders. Founded in February 2021 as a subset of a larger initiative to guide planning for the Return to McMaster, the group meets every second week with a focus on creating short- and long-term considerations to support workplace and employee experience.

Committee updates and opportunities for engagement will be shared with the McMaster community as the winter term progresses.

“We are so grateful to this talented group of individuals for their ongoing commitment to both the current and future experience of working at McMaster,” said Susan Tighe, Provost and Vice-President (Academic), and co-sponsor of the committee. “Our people are at the heart of everything we do, so it is critical to develop initiatives to both retain and attract employees of this world-class academic institution.”

Five priority areas have been identified by the committee as its continues its focus on the future of work for all employee groups, including faculty and staff. Members of the Workplace and Employee Experience Committee are working on subcommittees based on these five topics and have been asked to come back with recommendations by the end of the month.

These five priority areas include:

  • Vision and strategy: Identify that being adaptable and resilient in the face of change is a key part of the future of work
  • Talent planning: Hire to accomplish workforce goals by recruiting well, retaining talent and being adaptable
  • Learning and innovation: Acknowledge that digital and human skills will be in high demand
  • Employee experience: Remember that employees seek meaningful work, relationships, and experience
  • Work environment: Recognize that globally, flexible working is an essential part of the new normal

Saher Fazilat, Vice-President Operations and Finance, and committee co-sponsor said: “We look forward to the committee’s recommendations guided by these five key areas. We want to ensure McMaster is a great place to work both now and in the future.”

The group is co-chaired by Wanda McKenna, Assistant Vice-President and Chief Human Resources Officer, and Susan Mitchell, Director of Finance and Administration at the DeGroote School of Business.

The Workplace and Employee Experience Committee invites all members of the McMaster community to share their ideas, best practices, and learnings for both the winter term and beyond. A complete roster of members can be found on the participant list.

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