Winter 2022: Study spaces, eating places

student, masked, sits at a desk in the student centre

We understand that students, faculty, and staff who are on campus need places to eat, study and relax. Here is some guidance, suggested locations and tips on how to navigate campus outside of instructional spaces as we gradually return to campus this winter. More resources can be found here.

NOTE: This guide will evolve as provincial guidance changes.  

In this guide:

Finding space to study, eat, relax

Seeking a place to connect to reliable internet, complete an online assignment, or study this month? 

The following spaces are available on campus until Jan. 31 when level-one undergraduate classes resume in person and libraries reopen. Please remember to complete your daily MacCheck before coming to campus. Masks must be worn at all times when indoors. 

Peter George Centre for Living and Learning (PGCLL) B138
Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Food and drink permitted in this space with physical distancing.  

Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Discovery and Learning (MDCL) 1305
Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Food and drink permitted in this space with physical distancing. 

Mills Learning Commons only at Mills Memorial Library (enter via southeast tower)
Hours updated weekly: Mills Learning Commons hours
Food and drink not permitted in this space, masks required at all times, MacCheck to be shown upon entry. 

Guidelines for eating on campus

Current provincial guidelines outline different requirements for patrons of restaurants compared to those eating in a workplace with co-workers. McMaster has both settings across its locations, as well as food courts, catering venues and concession stands.  

As a reminder, masks are required in all scenarios when eating and drinking is not occurring.   

Based on provincial guidance and campus safety measures outlined by McMaster’s Environmental & Occupational Health Support Services (EOHSS), students, faculty and staff members are asked to adhere to the following guidelines.   

If you’re a student looking for a space to eat on campus, try one of the designated areas listed above first. However, eating is permitted across campus except for in specific areas, such as instructional spaces, libraries, restaurants and some communal spaces, as posted. However, community members should limit their time with their masks off and keep proper distance from others. Please see general guidance for eating and drinking for more advice.  

At a restaurant or campus eatery: 

Indoor dining within restaurant settings is currently not allowed under provincial restrictions until at least January 27th. This pertains to Centro, East Meets West, 1280, the Phoenix, the University Club and all other restaurant settings on campus.  

In a shared workspace: 

Individuals with offices or private workstations may close their doors to remove their masks and eat/drink. 

Many faculty and staff members and student employees share open workspaces. These individuals may briefly remove their masks to eat/drink at their desks, following these guidelines: 

  • You must be physically distant— at least two (2) metres apart from your peers/colleagues. 
  • Individuals can briefly pull down their mask to take a sip of a beverage (i.e. water, coffee/tea, juice) at their desk. 
  • Individuals should take turns or rotate eating a snack/meal so ideally all are masked and distanced except the person eating. If possible, designate a meeting room or space where individuals can go to eat. 

Please be considerate and rotate eating times to ensure everyone in your workspace is masked whenever possible. 

In a meeting room or instructional space: 

Eating is not permitted at this time in meeting rooms or instructional spaces. 

In a lounge or kitchenette: 

For any other space outside of the options above, individuals must be physically distant— at least two (2) metres apart. This includes lounges and kitchenettes. 

General guidance for eating and drinking

  • Limit the amount of time in these eating spaces and immediately replace your mask when not in the act of eating 
  • If you are not eating, the library is a better space for studying, where masks are required 
  • A minimum of 2m distancing, distance more if you can 
  • Large rooms and spaces are better, with as much distancing as possible. 
  • Wash or disinfect hands before/after eating or drinking 
  • Clean tables, microwaves, and other commonly handled items before/after use 
  • Dispose of garbage 
  • Masks can be removed indoors only for eating or drinking. 

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