Welcoming the Class of 2024

University Hall in the daytime, a big beautiful grey stone arched doorway covered in vines.

McMaster’s Welcome Week and all orientation activities will be held virtually.

 For the first time ever, McMaster’s Welcome Week and all orientation activities will be held virtually, following the university’s announcement that all fall classes would be held online.

Teams of planners are developing an inclusive, accessible and diverse experience for the Class of 2024.

With an extra focus on supporting the academic transition to university, the online activities will accommodate students in various time zones and help new students connect with peers, upper-year students, faculty and staff.

More information about Welcome Week 2020 will be posted on the McMaster Welcome Week website as it becomes available.

Of course, Welcome Week is just the beginning. Several resources and programs are available to help incoming students build new communities and develop critical academic skills, including:

  • Archway: This guided, personalized support system for first-year students will begin this summer and continue throughout the year. Archway coaches and mentors will work with students to help make their first year at McMaster a success. Follow @archwaymcmaster on Instagram or email archway@mcmaster.ca for updates.
  • MSU Horizons: Hosted by the McMaster Students Union (MSU), Horizons is a leadership conference, being offered virtually through webinars this year,that provides first-year students with a unique experience to develop leadership skills and learn more about themselves and their community. Follow @MSU_Horizons on Instagram or email horizons@msu.mcmaster.ca for more information.
  • MSU Spark: First-year students can participate year-round in weekly support sessions, as well as events, workshops and online resources, all at no cost through MSU Spark. Contact Spark by email at spark@msu.mcmaster.ca or follow Spark on Instagram @MSU_Spark.
  • International Student Summer Webinar Series: Students can get ready for life as a McMaster student with this webinar series, hosted by the Student Success Centre. Sessions continue until August 2020. Learn more and register.
  • Academic Prep Series: The Student Success Centre’s signature online academic prep program for first-year students will launch in July as a six-week program that includes mock lectures, chats with upper-year students, webinars and more. More information will be shared on the Student Success Centre’s website
  • Mac 101: Introduction to University Life (July 15–20):Online seminars, discussions and activities will help students learn about strategies and skills for success, programs, tools and campus resources. The Student Success Centre will share registration information on their website and through an email at the end of June.
  • Summer Writing Program: Students can develop their writing skills and get familiar with one of McMaster’s online learning platforms, Avenue to Learn, before classes begin. Visit this website for more information on registering for the writing program, or email skills@mcmaster.ca.

Follow @MacSSC across all social media platforms for updates.

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