Uprooted trees will be replanted when University Centre is completed


Everything old is new again.

The trees on the site of the future University Centre are no exception. Many of the trees have been carefully uprooted, transported to temporary holding in a nursery and will be replanted to complement the landscape of the new building.

Aldershot Landscaping, Moriyama & Teshima (the University Centre project architects), and McMaster's Physical Plant have worked together to ensure that the trees on the site are well cared for during the construction phase.

Using Aldershot's large landscaping machinery, 45 trees were uprooted last week in preparation for the excavation of the University Centre site. Twenty-six of these trees were immediately replanted on campus along Stearn Drive. The remaining 19 trees are being cared for at a tree farm owned by Aldershot Landscaping. These trees will be returned to McMaster upon completion of construction and incorporated into the landscaping of the new University Centre.

Four trees on the site were too large to be candidates for transplanting. And some trees were found to be diseased including three pines, three spruce and a tulip magnolia.

During construction, two trees will remain on the site in their current location: the oak which stands beside the entrance to the Bookstore and the amur cork tree beside Gilmour Hall. The amur will become the focal point of a courtyard in the University Centre. Great measures have been taken to protect these two trees and their roots during the construction phase.

Questions or concerns about the University Centre may be directed to Kim Davison, administrative director, McMaster University Centre, at ext. 27889.