Update on McMaster’s Snow Day Policy: December 2021

university campus on a snowy day

Please note: The policy below is no longer in place. Click here for the updated snow closure policy

With wintry weather edging closer, the university has reviewed its snow closure policy (officially called the Storm Emergency Policy).

The amended policy that was put in place for the 2020/21 academic year will continue to be in place until the end of 2021.

Under the amendment, if the university communicates an emergency closure of campus due to severe winter weather:

  • Classes or labs being held online will continue. In-person classes or labs will be cancelled.
  • Faculty or instructors who use on-campus resources to deliver online classes may cancel or move class to an alternate day and must notify students directly of this decision
  • Employees who are working remotely will continue to do so
  • Employees who have been working on campus will not come to work, unless deemed essential, as outlined in the policy.

However, as of January 2022, the University’s original Storm Emergency Policy will take effect.

This means all classes and labs will be cancelled.  Employees, unless deemed essential under the policy, will not work the day of a closure.

If necessary, the university will formally announce a closure when severe weather poses a danger to students, staff and faculty while on campus or if the weather would prevent large numbers of them from coming to campus or returning safely to their homes.

If there is no specific announcement about McMaster being closed, then the university remains open.

Every effort will be made to confirm a closing by 5:30 a.m. If weather conditions change throughout the day, the University will make an announcement as soon as possible. When a closing has been confirmed, it will be communicated via the Daily News and on the university’s social media sites.

Faculty, staff and students are responsible for checking Daily News and social media on stormy days.

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