University and MUSA return to bargaining table


The University and the McMaster University Staff Association will resume negotiations this morning with the assistance of the mediator.

“On Wednesday the University told the mediator it wished to bargain on
Friday, March 23, and then from Monday through Thursday of next week,”
says Alan Harrison, a member of the University's bargaining team.
“We're pleased that MUSA and the mediator have agreed to the first date that we offered.”

The University also suggested that the next round of bargaining first
deal with issues that MUSA has indicated are among its main concerns.
They include grievance and arbitration procedures, job postings,
seniority, redundancy and displacement, and hours of work. Discussion
of wages and the salary grid would then resume.

Harrison is hopeful that MUSA will agree to extend negotiations into
next week.

The communications blackout on the last round of negotiations expired at 12:01 a.m. Thursday morning.