Two Health Sciences profs to appear on TVO’s The Agenda

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Two professors of the Faculty of Health Sciences are interviewed on their ground-breaking health research In episodes of TVO’s The Agenda in The Summer.

The interview with Mohit Bhandari, professor and associate chair of research for McMaster’s Department of Surgery, on his research into domestic violence has aired, but is available online at:

The orthopedic surgeon has been an outspoken advocate for victims of domestic violence, and has spearheaded major research on intimate partner violence.

Brenda Vrkljan will appear on the program on Aug. 15. An associate professor of the School of Rehabilitation Science and lead investigator of the McMaster-Candrive team, Vrkljan shares her research on older drivers, including one unorthodox test that could demonstrate a person’s driving ability.

Over the last five years, Vrkljan’s team, along with six other sites in Canada and two in Australia, tracked more than 1,000 drivers aged 70 or older in terms of their health, driving patters and crash/violation records. The team is developing a tool to help health care professionals determine driving ability.

The Vrkljan program airs at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. on TVO on Aug. 15. The interview will be posted online the following day at

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