‘The loss is so profound’

Iman Aghabali, Mehdi Eshaghian and Siavash Maghsoudlou were remembered for their sense of joy, their passion for research and their promise at a McMaster vigil Friday. Friends, family and the university community came together to celebrate the lives of the young men, who were killed in the plane crash in Tehran this week. (Photos by Georgia Kirkos/McMaster University)

“I feel his empty space. I feel the sadness has spread through this city. It feels colder now.”

“I cannot recall a moment with either of those
guys when they were not smiling.”

“Iman was the best person in the world.
That’s the way I always describe him.”

“The loss for our group is so profound. We are the best in our field, but those things don’t matter when you lose a piece of yourself. We lost two of our very best members.”

“I’m so touched that the families thanked us for being here. I should thank them for sharing Iman and Mehdi with us.”

“In a new country, friends become family and when you lose family, it’s such a great loss.”