Surgical masks available for students, faculty and staff at McMaster

man wearing a surgical mask

A well-fitted, high-quality mask that covers your nose and mouth is a key layer of defense during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To help ensure that people feel as comfortable as possible, the university is offering Level 3 surgical masks free of charge for all students, faculty and staff, for those who wish to use them.

The university continues to adhere to provincial guidance on masking. There are also many other good mask options that people may choose to wear as long as they meet the minimum safety standards of the Ontario Health guidance. This guidance also encourages Ontarians to save N95 masks for health care workers.   

Surgical Masks for Students 

Students can pick up surgical masks at the following locations beginning Monday, January 31  

  • Mills Memorial Library: Main entrance and the entrance to Mills Learning Commons. Find hours of operation on the library website 
  • McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC): Main floor near the big screen. Pick up is available from the table at the Vaccine Verification Station. Find hours of operation on the MUSC website.   
  • Main Campus Store (GH B101): Near checkouts located at our south (exterior) entrance. Find hours of operation on the Campus Store website 
  • Health Science Campus Store (HSC 1G1): Main checkout. Find hours of operation on the Campus Store website. 
  • Residence Students: Students living in residence will be emailed further instructions. 

Students do not need to show MacID to pick up masks. Students can take masks when needed and are encouraged to follow the guidelines below on how to wear a mask properly. 

Masks for Faculty Members and Staff  

Faculty members and staff working on site will be provided surgical masks through their department or faculty. Masks are being delivered to areas starting January 25and distribution will be managed by department or faculty leaders. Watch for communication from your department or faculty about surgical masks.  

Everyone is encouraged to follow the guidelines below on how to wear a surgical mask.  

Guidance for wearing a surgical mask 

  • The Ontario government advises to wash your hands immediately before putting a mask on and immediately after taking it off. Try not to touch your mask while wearing it.  
  • The Ontario government advises that masks should fit tightly on the face covering your nose, mouth and chin. Learn more about mask fit, including tips for improving mask fit, from McMaster experts on our website.   
  • Surgical masks are disposable and cannot be washed.  
  • McMaster experts advise that masks be discarded if they are visibly soiled, damp, damaged or difficult to breathe through.

More information about masking at McMaster:  

Remember a layered approach to safety measures will further reduce your risk of COVID-19 exposure. At McMaster, the measures in place include our vaccination mandate, MacCheck health screening, masking indoors, and following best practices in ventilation and cleaning. Learn more about McMaster’s layered approach to safety measures on our website. 

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