Students head for home, the slopes and the beach


Reading week, mid-term break, spring break. Whatever you choose to call it, students are off this week, with many heading off for a few days of home cooking, to the slopes for skiing, or to southern locales for surf and sand, before returning to classes Monday, February 28.

A representative from McMaster Travel Services said that preferred destinations for students are inexpensive, offer an active nightlife and attract other students, like Daytona Beach in Florida, Acapulco in Mexico, or the Dominican Republic.

For those remaining here during the winter study period, the libraries will be operating under regular hours. Sheila Pepper, assistant librarian at Mills Memorial Library, says that Reading Week is their quietest time during the school year. “But the Friday before Reading week begins is very busy as students scramble at the last minute for reference materials in the hopes of completing assignments during the break.”

Hospitality Services will be reducing its operations. Follow their Web link for a full schedule of Reading Week hours.