Students challenged to remain alcohol-free during Dry Weekend


Residents of Woodstock Hall were challenged this past weekend to remain free of alcohol.

The aim of “Dry Weekend” was to both educate and entertain. Teams were set up on each floor and residents played games with an alcohol theme. Activities included Alcohol Tick-Tack-To, a Drunkard's Obstacle Course, and a Monte Carlo Night. Players were quizzed on sex and alcohol, limits of libation and fending off a hangover.

Another popular event was the obstacle course, where participants navigated themselves donned with “fatal vision goggles” that imitate the dizzy effect of having more than the legal limit.

James Yeboah, a Woodstock Hall co-ordinator and one the weekend's organizers, was pleased with the event. “We had 131 of the hall's 275 residents participating and we were able to raise $120 for the Children's Aid Society from the Monte Carlo night.”