Back to Mac: Snapshots from Day 1

Fifth-year Life Sciences student Ayo Popoola became a CA to pay forward the kindness and support she received when she was in first year. (Georgia Kirkos/McMaster University)

Nicole Jansezian was really excited to start university. The first-year Social Sciences student has wanted to come to Mac for years. But on Tuesday — her second day on campus, and the first day of classes — that excitement turned to anxiety.

Luckily for her, Ayo Popoola was there to help. Jansezian’s CA — community advisor — met with her for iced coffee drinks and a chat on the steps of Peter George Centre for Living and Learning.

“I feel so much better now after talking to her,” Jansezian said.

For Popoola, it was a full circle moment. Now in her fifth and final year of Life Sciences, she remembers how her own CA helped her in her first year, especially at the overwhelming start of the year.

“I finally have the kind of course load that allows me to be a CA, so I can give back and pay forward what I got in my own first year and help students,” she says.

“It’s just so great to see people back on campus.”

A lot has changed at McMaster, but a lot hasn’t.

Here’s a snapshot of a fun, exciting, sometimes emotional return Back to Mac.

First-year iBioMed students work in small groups to create prototypes to help people with repetitive stress injuries on their first day of classes, under the watchful eye of professors Colin MacDonald and Kyla Sask, both standing.

“It’s so different seeing a room of people and interacting with them in person!” — Prof. Kyla Sask, teaching iBioMed 1P10, a collaborative, hands-on first-year course.

“Our students are so great at rolling with the punches, and we learned to use a lot of great tools last year, but there is no question that it is just awesome to be back here, safely in person. The energy you feel is what was missing last year.” — Prof. Colin McDonald, iBioMed 1P10.

“It’s so nice to be on campus and see the cool buildings and go to classes in person” — Lydia, 4th year Social Sciences

“I just had my first class and it’s amazing. It’s surreal being back on campus after being in my basement for a year. I’m finally here and seeing people around, doing stuff and in a lecture hall. I love it!” — Jad, 2nd year software engineering

“I’m most looking for to being back on campus is the community, how warm and welcoming everyone is.” — Joshua, 3rd year biology

“I’m most excited for interacting and being social.” — Erinma, 3rd year communication and media arts

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