Sil celebrates 70 wonderful years


Katy Sternbergh had no idea the response she would generate when she began sending out invitations to the Silhouette's 70th anniversary party.

“It's been incredibly overwhelming. Everyone is very enthusiastic. It's very heartwarming and emotional to see the attachment people have to the Sil years later.”

But Sternbergh, the student newspaper's current executive editor, isn't too surprised. “The newspaper is one of the few places on campus where there is that feeling of family.” And she adds, “Nothing is as much fun or as addictive.”

After 70 years of putting the award-winning newspaper to bed every week, past and present staff members are staying up late and having a party. Editors, writers and photographers have been invited back to McMaster to celebrate seven decades of excellence on March 25.

During the afternoon, the Sil will open its doors in Hamilton Hall for an Open House where past staff members will be able to reminisce among Silhouette and Marmor archives.

In the evening, a semi-formal dinner will be held in the Refectory, where newspaper alumni will share their adventures and remember the late nights they spent working in the office that was equal parts fun and hard work.

For more information, contact Sternbergh at or MSU public relations officer Michelle Ball at ext. 24861.