Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour investigations update

A number of the investigations launched in relation to the Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour department have now been completed.

Beginning last winter, the university received serious allegations of sexual violence. The university has a responsibility to ensure that its sexual violence and discrimination and harassment policies are put into action whenever such allegations are made.

When complaints are made that appear to be a breach of these policies, the university must investigate and take appropriate interim actions to protect the safety and security of all members of campus. Interim measures do not mean that any decisions have been made about the validity of the allegations prior to the investigation taking place. Investigations are needed so that the university can understand the facts and determine whether any policy breaches or wrongdoing have occurred.

As the investigations are completed, the respondents and the complainants are being contacted and personally advised of the findings and outcomes. Being involved in investigations of this nature is difficult and challenging for all participants and the university continues to work to provide support to everyone involved. In cases where the investigations found that the allegations were not substantiated and no university policies were violated, interim measures are being lifted as appropriate.

The university has not named any of the individuals involved and will not release any names in order to protect the privacy of all parties. McMaster policies and legislation require that privacy be protected. An assurance of privacy is also a critical component in reassuring those who want to come forward with allegations and to protecting the rights of those who have been the subject of allegations.

Work on the remaining investigations is being finished as quickly as possible.