Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour investigation update

As the university’s ongoing investigation into the department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour (PNB) unfolds, new allegations have been made under the Discrimination and Harassment Policy. These have resulted in an additional faculty member being restricted from having any interaction with students.

The ongoing investigations began in February after a faculty member was suspended over allegations involving a number of McMaster policies, including the Sexual Violence Policy. Last month, after a number of new allegations were brought forward, President David Farrar directed the scope of the initial investigation be broadened to encompass the new complaints and to identify any potential systemic or cultural issues.

The investigation is being led by a highly experienced investigator from Rubin Thomlinson LLP. McMaster is encouraging anyone to come forward who may relevant information to share.

The university will not be sharing the details of the investigation as it unfolds, in accordance with the Sexual Violence and the Discrimination and Harassment policies, which emphasize the important role confidentiality has in the process, both to protect those who have experienced sexual violence, enable procedural fairness and to ensure that the investigation is comprehensive and fair.

Any students, faculty and staff can reach out to the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office (SVPRO) by email ( for disclosure support, safety planning, academic and workplace accommodations, and reporting options.

Students seeking counselling support may contact the Student Wellness Centre. Employees seeking health or other support services may contact Human Resources Health Safety & Wellbeing or Homewood Health through McMaster’s Employee and Family Assistance Program.