posted on Sept. 4: Final award for MUSA members


Arbitrator George Adams has issued his final award for the first collective agreement between the University and the McMaster University Staff Association.

University president Peter George and MUSA president Barry Diacon issued the following joint statement this afternoon:

Message to the McMaster Community

From: Peter George President
Barry Diacon MUSA President

Date: September 4, 2001

Arbitrator George Adams has released his final award in the settlement
of MUSA's first contract with the University.

This award completes the process begun July 31 when the arbitrator
issued an interim award that included salary increases and the major
medical and dental benefit plans. Today's award addresses all other
outstanding issues, including seniority, grievance procedures and leave provisions, and completes the collective agreement which will run from August 30, 2001 until June 15, 2003.

The award includes a provision for a joint committee to oversee the
implementation of the terms and conditions of the agreement. This
committee will include representation from the University and MUSA.
The award also establishes Mr. Adams as the arbitrator should there be
any interpretation issues about the application of his award.

The full text of the collective agreement and award can be found on
McMaster's and MUSA's Web sites at or A printed copy of the
collective agreement will be provided to all members of the MUSA
bargaining unit and to managers as soon as possible.

With the successful conclusion of the mediation/arbitration process,
both the University and MUSA can turn their attention to implementing
their first collective agreement.