posted on Sept. 26: New courtyard makes a perfect stage


[img_inline align=”right” src=””]The new courtyard adjacent to the McMaster University Student Centre and Mills Memorial Library has become a haven for socializing, eating, studying — even a live statue.

The cement courtyard is proving to be popular with students and employees alike since the fencing came down and it became accessible in early September.

And there is still work to be done, says Kim Davison, MUSC administrative director.

Four mature trees will be planted in the middle of the courtyard in the areas that are now covered in plywood. The trees are large oaks that will provide shade to the area, which can become quite hot when the sun is shining.

“According to Aldershot Nurseries, our landscaping subcontractor, mature oaks are difficult to transplant but the safest time is in the spring,” Davison says. “So the trees will be planted in the spring.”

Concerns that the concrete is a tad too bright should be resolved as the area ages, says Davison. “The concrete will become darker through normal aging and pedestrian traffic — like sidewalks do.”

As well, the slanted window that looks out from the future McMaster Students Union offices in MUSC and reflects light onto the courtyard will be equipped with pewter sun shades this fall to diminish the light, she added.

Photo: A live statue holds court on the new courtyard adjacent to the McMaster University Student Centre.

Photo by Shelly Easton