posted on Sept. 13: University implementing monetary aspects of collective agreement


The University has announced a process for implementing the
aspects of the new href=””>Collective
Agreement Between McMaster University and the McMaster
University Staff Association

The agreement consists of the
articles agreed upon in direct negotiations and the awards
issued by arbitrator George Adams in July and August. The
backpay in the July award will be implemented in a series of
steps between September and December.

“We are pleased to be proceeding with the implementation of
this award and we share in our employees' enthusiasm for
having reached this much-awaited stage in this process. Our
financial and computing information services employees are
working hard to meet the award target dates and we appreciate
their support and commitment,” says Karen Belaire,
vice-president administration.

On Sept. 11, Human Resources Services (formerly the Office of
Human Resources) sent individual letters to employees in the
bargaining unit advising them of those steps. Briefly, they are as

Sept. 15: All employees in the MUSA bargaining unit will
have their rate of pay adjusted to include an 8.42 per cent
increase effective Aug. 16, 2001. The Sept. 15 payroll will reflect
this new pay rate. This increase includes the increases for the
years 1999-00, 2000-01 and 2001-02. The Sept. 11 letter
advises employees of their new pay rate and the backpay they
will receive.

October: The University is working to include backpay
for employees in the MUSA unit in the October pay cheques.
“Backpay” covers the difference between the amounts paid and
the rates provided in the interim award for the period June 16,
1999 to Aug. 15, 2001. Employees will be informed via letter in
mid-October of the exact calculation of their backpay. The
October pay stubs will itemize the current rate of pay and the
amount issued in backpay.

December: The new collective agreement provides for
movement of pay rates onto a new salary grid. Employees who
qualify for this new placement will be moved to the new salary
grid effective Dec. 16. (See grid in collective agreement.)

Belaire says the University administration will be focusing on
implementing the collective agreement, ensuring managers are
familiar with the document, and carrying on with the University's
business. “As we move ahead, our focus will be on rebuilding
our relationships with one another and enhancing and
strengthening our support for the University in its mission of
providing excellence in scholarship, research and teaching.”

Department managers and chairs have been advised of the
steps for implementing these increases and will be responding
to questions from their staff about the effect of the increases.