posted on Oct. 26: Security aims radar at speedy drivers


Campus security is using radar in a bid to slow down speedy drivers.

Since Oct. 1, about 60 tickets and 60 warnings have been issued to drivers who exceed posted speed limits, said John Abraham, manager of parking & transit services.

“Speed on campus is getting unwieldy,” he said. “People are in too much of a hurry.”

The hill on Westaway Road leading into parking Zones 6 and 7 is a particular hot spot.

“When they go down that hill, they have the possibility of losing control,” said Abraham. “We are also redirecting traffic there depending on which parking lot fills up first.”

Pedestrian and parking staff safety is a concern, he added.
Abraham said drivers should expect to be monitored by radar throughout campus. “We will have blitzes.”

Speeding tickets are a set fine of $50, whether you are clocked at moving five or 35 kilometres over the speed limit. The speed limit on campus is 40 km per hour although in some areas it is reduced to 20 km per hour.

Abraham said the radar seems to be slowing down some speedsters.
“It's brought some order to it,” he said. “But people are trying to play Russian roulette and guess that if it's there one day, it won't be there the next.”